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Practical Steps for Your Best Life Now!

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Health Coaches and Personal Trainers Online
Movement, Exercise, Mobility, Flexibility, and Strength Training
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3 Anchor Points

Whether you workout from home or on the go you can create a complete and challenging work out with a band. In this video we will show you 3 anchors points where you can attach your band to.

Live Online Classes - Stay Fit, Stay Safe 

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Be a Student

I love the quote from Bob Proctor that says, “change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice”

Mindset and Mental Health
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Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.

The path to self-discovery and personal growth is always better, easier, and faster when you have someone to help guide you.


Homemade Pizza

If you have a sweet tooth like we do but still like to stay healthy, this is a great recipe to enjoy. You can use it as a spread on pretty much anything.

Healthy Recipes for Healthy Living
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5 Habits For Healthy Lifestyle

Working from home on a laptop

As Health Coaches, we know that living a healthy lifestyle is important for our body and our mental well-being. Taking a few minutes to recharge and focus on ourselves is very important in this new generation. Our work demands that we stand in front of a computer for hours, either coaching clients, recording videos, or doing other computer work. 


Therefore, we have integrated a few key points to help with optimizing our performance to improve the quality of our services and our creativity. Here are some key points we focus on as Health Coaches. 


  1. Go Offline: take a few minutes to go offline. Disconnecting from social platforms can be very beneficial in order to optimize your time and your productivity. Remember, social platforms are designed with the intention to keep you focused on their platform. We limit our social media time in order to be more intentional with our time and productivity.

  2. Learn Something New: disconnecting can give you more time at hand by focusing on the things that really matter. Learning new skills is beneficial to the brain and it’s development (regardless of your age). It helps keep the mind sharp and improving it’s ability to think. 

  3. Sleep Well: make sure you are intentional about your sleep. Take the necessary time to get optimal sleep in order to boost your productivity. It can be overwhelming to try and focus on your to-do list when you are not fully rested. We make sure to get optimal rest and even take a few minutes throughout the day to recharge. 

  4. Plan Your Meals: planning your meals can help you stay on track of your health goals, saves you time from ordering or picking up food, and it keeps more money in your pocket. We typically have our meals set for the next day in order to optimize our time. 

  5. Drink Plenty Of Water: the most beneficial nutrient you can consume is water. Most of your body is composed of water and almost every chemical reaction (like your metabolism) requires plenty of water. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep the body and mind hydrated.


These are a few key points we have incorporated in our own lifestyle to help maintain high levels or productivity and creativity. Remember, everyone is different and sometimes having a personalized plan is very important. Schedule a consultation with one of our Health Coaches to help you design a plan that is suitable for you.

These 5 supplements are the ultimate health bundle that will help improve the quality of your health..

Luxury Lifestyle
Supplement and vitamins for better health
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dotFit Vitamins and Supplements

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