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Mindset Conditioning 

3 principles to bring your thinking to the next level and achieve the goals you want in 2022.

You can become part of the 1% successful people if you follow these 3 principles. 4% of the people in the world make 96% of the money that moves around the world. Those people also make their own rules and have high effective lives. If the 9-5 routine or taking orders from someone that isn’t as bright as you are killing you, then you must bring your thinking to the next level. If time is money, you better know how you’re going to spend it. It’s time to defeat public enemy number 1, your mindset! If you’re still reading, you have what it takes...ready?

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Principle 1

Seeing with Your Eyes Wide Shut


The minute you close your eyes, you should be able to see! If seeing is believing, then the vision of your goals should be so clear in your mind that you can see every detail. Your vision needs to be so real that you cannot just see it, but also touch it, and even smell it. Is it crazy? 100% and if you want it, you’ll do it. It comes down to how much do you want it, well do you?

Principle 2

Use Your Manners


Your mother was right! You must use your manners to get what you want. Gratitude is the key that opens every locked door. Why settle for a cracked window when you can walk right into what you want. Give thanks for everything you have and for what’s to come. Make it a practice to give thanks when you first wake up and right before your eyes shut close. An attitude of gratitude will move you to the next level.

Principle 3

The Hamster Wheel


You can hear the squeaking of that little wheel. The poor hamster can run as fast as his little legs can go but that fact is that he’s going no where! Isn’t that a darn shame, yet most people do the same thing; the only difference is that their wheel is their life and the squeaking comes in the form of mediocre results. Get off that wheel. Since you’re already moving, you might as well move in the direction towards your goals. odds are, you’re just busy doing things and pleasing people that have very little to do with the kind of life you want. Every action is either effective or ineffective. When you go through a day with ineffective actions, that day has been lost. Make every day be a day with effective actions. When you move closer to the goal, the goal moves closer to you!

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