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Did You Know...

There is a simple trick to avoid Holiday pounds?

Did you know you could avoid gaining that pound of fat between Thanksgiving and New Years Day by creating a calorie deficit of only 100 calories per day?

ThermAccel contains powerful ingredients that can help you create your daily 100 calorie deficit so you can enjoy your Holidays while avoiding weight gain.

This is a great way to help you build success towards accomplishing your 2022 health and fitness goals while taking the time to enjoy the Holiday.

To boost your weight loss and improve your health habits, join The MindFlex 5-Day Weight Loss Challenge which will take place Jan 10 - Jan 14. In this challenge, we will focus on introducing low-inflammatory foods to help improve weight loss and healthy habits to keep the weight off throughout the entire summer.

Start today by enjoying a 20% off ThermAccel!


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