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30 Minute Workout



  1. Knee Hugs

  2. Butt Kicks

  3. Cradles

  4. Good Mornings

  5. Lunges

  6. Jumping Jacks

  7. Arm Circles

  8. Half Groiners w/Rotation

Perform the complete warm-up circuit before starting this workout. A proper warm-up will help with injury prevention and better performance. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.



  • 15 Squat to Overhead Press

  • 10 Burpees

  • 5 Walkouts

  • 10 Push-Ups

  • 15 Leg Raises

  • 20 Renegade Rows

After a proper warm-up, set a timer between 30-45 Minutes. Start at the top of the ladder and work your way down then climb back up. Complete as many rounds of this circuit as you can.

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